And we’re back…

Idle Thoughts of an Idle Man is back after a three year hiatus. Where did the time go?

My idle thought of the day is road rage. Last week my wife and I went out for breakfast. We do this every two week s to escape our crazed housekeeper, a man who dresses like a Hell’s Angel and keeps accidently breaking things in the house in between cleaning parts of it.

We took separate cars because we were doing two sets of chores afterwards.

As I was driving, a firetruck with its siren on raced by going the opposite way. The driver in front of me suddenly swerved his white SUV to the curb. I followed suit, but had to pull over in front of him as his maneuver was so sudden.

When I merged back into traffic the SUV guy zoomed up to my bumper. Clearly he was enraged – in my rearview mirror he kept putting his fingers to his head, miming a shooting pistol. As soon as possible Mr. SUV roared past me.

Clearly he was annoyed to have been “overtaken” when the firetruck drove by, although I’d have had to be some kind of stunt driver to get behind him in time. Some kind of macho/male dominance thing, I guess.

I joined my wife at the restaurant, where we had courtyard seating overlooking the parking lot. She noticed I kept looking over at my car and asked what was up.

“Just keeping an eye on it,” I said. And then of course I had to tell her the whole story.

The SUV driver looked like a friend of mine who died a few years ago of cancer. I had noticed there was a child in a car seat in the back of his vehicle.


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